2 Thousand Degrees


2 Thousand Degrees Lighting
2 Thousand Degrees lighting fixtures are a product of the imagination of a San Francisco based design team, led by lighting designer Jim Henderson. In 1997, 2 Thousand Degrees was founded by Jim, after being inspired by European artisans on a trip to Milan and Venice, Italy. Jim's passion for blown glass lighting design was fervent, and inspired him to create a line of lighting fixtures that would 'Wow' the lighting design community. Jim soon became a part of the Seattle and San Francisco bay area art glass communities, so as to explore and experience the progression in American art glass manufacturing. After extensive research and examination of this industry, Jim decided to partner up with west coast glass blowing studios, where he could focus his efforts of lighting design to create rich, handcrafted glass fixtures. Jim launched 2 thousand degrees as the demand for his blown glass lighting design soared. Now, Jim and his design team focus on their main objective; to offer customers a variety of choices of unique, functional, and creative lighting.

As a tribute to this style of lighting design, Jim branded his line of products 2 Thousand Degrees, which is the Fahrenheit temperature at which silica-based glass becomes molten, allowing Jim and his team to perform their magic. What is accomplished is a line of lighting fixtures with luminous beauty. Jim and his team have taken a centuries-old art and combined it with avant-garde design, to bring you one of the most sought after lines of contemporary lighting on the market. The 2 thousand degrees mission has been to provide an aesthetic alternative to the status quo.

Since its inception, 2 thousand degrees has been a premier choice of lighting designers, architects, homeowners, as well as business owners, as you will find 2 Thousand Degrees lighting in hotels, restaurants as well as grand residences. Now being backed by tech lighting, 2 Thousand Degrees is able to offer you creative edge lighting, with top-notch quality assurance. 2 Thousand Degrees lighting is of the highest level of quality and service, with most of its products shipping within one week.

We invite you to peruse the 2 Thousand Degrees catalogue, here at OLighting.com, and become immersed in a world of form, color, pattern and texture.