Big Bang Suspension Light

Big Bang Suspension Light
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Big Bang Suspension Light
pdf spec sheet
pdf spec sheet
pdf spec sheet
Big Bang Suspension Light
Big Bang Suspension Light
Big Bang Suspension Light
Big Bang Suspension Light
Bertram Architects Project designed by John Bertram and Eliot Mitchell
Studio Santalla by Spencer G McNeil

Big Bang Suspension Light

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Big Bang Suspension LightBig Bang Suspension Light
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Item Total:$1,210.00

Foscarini Big Bang Suspension Light
The Big Bang Suspension Light is a beautiful decorative piece that comprises of methacrylate and lacquered metal plates, which are overlapped onto each other in a crisscross design. The structure is suspended freely by a robust 185" suspended wire. The light source emits reflected and diffused light, which adds calmness to the surroundings. Through this piece of art, designers Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez have exhibited a beautiful combination of creativity and functionality. Available in Bianco and Rosso colors, the structure can also be obtained in different sizes. The Big Bang Suspension Light is surely the one to desire for.
White or Red
Methacrylate and Lacquered Aluminum
  • Shade - Width: 37.75" x Height: 23.66"
  • Cord Length: 59"
  • Overall Length: 82.67"
  • X-Large
  • Shade - Width: 75.06" x Height: 51.09"
  • Cord Length: 173"
  • Overall Length: 224.09"
  • Canopy - Width: 8.63"
  • Led
  • Shade - Width: 37.75" x Height: 23.66"
  • Cord Length: 92.12"
  • Overall Length: 118.11"
  • 120-277 Volts
  • Small - Halogen: (1)200 Watts RSC (4 11/16) Type T3 or Fluorescent: (1)26 Watts GX24q-3 Type T4
  • X-Large - Halogen: (1)200 Watts RSC (4 11/16) Type T3
  • 37 x Led, 7Watts Total 3000K
  • Designer Lighting by Foscarini
    Established in 1981 in Venice, Foscarini started out by exploring the opportunities presented by Murano glass.

    Since the inception of Foscarini Lighting, the company has set the trend in designer lighting by bringing together objects that express strong ideas with special character of their own. Foscarini lamps transform ideas into a tangible reality thanks to the contribution of leading designers from around the world. Foscarini &lights up; their creativity and guides their proposals.

    Foscarini lighting started out by exploring opportunities offered by Murano glass. The management assures brand identity and coherence by careful conservation of its Murano heritage, while being ever-ready to consider new objectives and to exercise its rare capacity for talent scouting as Foscarini works with both established designers who've created new trends, as well as with younger, emerging exponents of alternative styles and approaches. This makes for a highly original selection of designer lighting.

    Some of the world-renowned designers who have given birth to the suite of designer Foscarini lamps and lighting fixtures that make the brand what the world has come to know and respect today include: Matilde Alessandra, Lievore Asociados, Valerio Bottin, Aldo Cibic, Lagranja Design, Tom Dixon, Rodolfo Dordoni, Jozeph Forakis, Enrico Franzolini + Vicente Garcia Jimenez, James Irvine, Studio Kairos, Defne Koz, Ferruccio Laviani, Giovanni Levanti, Luca Nichetto + Massimo Gardone, Luca Nichetto + Gianpietro Gai, Atelier Oi, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Karim Rashid, Prospero Rasulo, Marc Sadler, Pio + Tito Toso, Patricia Urquiola + Eliana Gerotto, & Urbinati - Riccie Vecchiato.

    For a comprehensive selection of designer lighting fixtures and lamps by Foscarini, please select from the links above.

    Foscarini Page
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    Big Bang Suspension Light

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    Big Bang Suspension Light
    Base Price:$1,210.00
    Cord Length:Big Bang H 78inch/White/Halogen
    Big Bang H 78inch/Red/Halogen(+$274)
    Big Bang H 78inch/White/Fluorescent(+$213)
    Big Bang H 78inch/Red/Fluorescent(+$487)
    Big Bang H 200inch/White/XL Halogen(+$6377)
    Big Bang H 200inch/Red/XL Halogen(+$7315)
    Big Bang H 200inch/White/Halogen(+$220)
    Big Bang H 200inch/Red/Halogen(+$494)
    Big Bang H 200inch/White/Fluorescent(+$433)
    Big Bang H 200inch/Red/Fluorescent(+$707)
    Big Bang H 118inch/White/Led Dimmable(+$1420)
    Big Bang H 118inch/Red/Led Dimmable(+$1694)
    Finish:Methacrylate and Lacquered Aluminum
  • Small - Halogen: (1)200 Watts RSC (4 11/16) Type T3 or Fluorescent: (1)26 Watts GX24q-3 Type T4
  • X-Large - Halogen: (1)200 Watts RSC (4 11/16) Type T3
  • 37 x Led, 7Watts Total 3000K
  • Voltage:120-277 Volts
    Made In:Italy
    Designer:Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez, 2005
    Color Options: