Random Pendant Light

Moooi Random Pendant Light
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Random Pendant Light
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Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Moooi Random Pendant Light
Project designed by Rodriguez Studio architecture PC featuring Moooi Random Pendant

Random Pendant Light

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Random Pendant LightRandom Pendant Light
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Moooi, Random Pendant Light
This visually amazing Moooi, Random Pendant Light was designed by Bertjan Pot. Bright and sophisticated in style, this lamp bears resemblance to a typical incandescent light bulb with a cocoon like form and is made of a sturdy epoxy and fiberglass web. Being centrally suspended, the bulb provides a capricious glow with a minimal glare while illuminating. With a chromed steel pendant, it emits an ethereal warm glow through the transparent 3D fabric that is created by coiling resin drained yarns. You can replace the light bulb through a small opening in the top. This pendant light comes in two colors with different heights, small, medium, and large. It can be hung via a plastic ceiling rose with a black textile electric cable and occupies less space. Fix it in any lounge area, dining room or entry way and notice the difference.
  • Diffuser: White or Black
  • Cable: Black
  • Canopy: Chrome
  • Fibreglass Soaked in Epoxy Resin and Steel Canopy
  • Shade - Diameter: 19.7"
  • Canopy - Width: 5" x Height: 1.2"
  • Cable Length: 13.1ft - 32.8ft
  • Medium
  • Diameter: 31.5"
  • Canopy - Width: 5" x Height: 1.2"
  • Cable Length: 13.1ft - 32.8ft
  • Large
  • Diameter: 41.3
  • Canopy - Width: 5" x Height: 1.2"
  • Cable Length: 13.1ft - 32.8ft
  • 120 Volts
    Incandescent: (1)60 Watts Max E26 Type G

    Moooi, which was co-founded in 2001 by world renowned designer Marcel Wanders as a true avant-garde Dutch design company, has enticed the senses of design enthusiasts and the interior design industry, on a global level. The brand name Moooi which means beautiful in the founders native language of Dutch, is reflective of the general perception of all that they design and produce, both in terms of their lighting products, as well as their home furnishings and accessories.

    In addition to the designs of Moooi co-founder Marcel Wanders, Moooi has also commissioned other globally recognized designers including Bertjan Pot, Studio Job, Jurgen Bey, Front, Maarten Baas, Ron Gilad, and many others. The collaborations between Moooi Lighting, and their exceptional designers have facilitated some of the most amazing modern lighting pieces on the planet, today, including the Random Light, Smoke Chandelier, Raimond, Light Shade Shade, Dear Ingo, Paper Chandelier, and many others, all of which are connected through a common standard of innovation, creativity, and design excellence.

    OLighting is proud to offer the complete collection of Moooi Lighting here at OLighting.com. Additionally, we are presenting a comprehensive selection of Moooi pieces in our NYC Showroom.

    Moooi Page
    Bertjan PotFor the people who don't know me, or my work, I'm a designer and I (mostly) design furniture and lighting for a living. On the last website I had quite a theory about my designs and my way of designing structural and non-structural skins. Nowadays I would like to describe my method of working a bit more broad. Nevertheless I am very interested in skins of the structural an non-structural kind. During my study at the Design Academy Eindhoven, I really enjoyed being taught how to weave and knit and I still think this is reflected in my work. I think that one of the reasons why textile is so interesting to me is that it is interesting on all levels If you look at it with a magnifying glass, or just up close, or from a distance, as a piece or garment that someone is wearing or as a curtain with a nice texture on it seen from the other side of the room. When creating a textile one starts with a fibre, that becomes a yarn, that can be...
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    Random Pendant Light

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    Random Pendant Light
    Base Price:$642.00
    Size/Color/Cable Length:Small/White/13.1 ft
    Small/Black/13.1 ft(+$44)
    Small/White/32.8 ft(+$85)
    Small/Black/32.8 ft(+$129)
    Medium/White/13.1 ft(+$590)
    Medium/Black/13.1 ft(+$656)
    Medium/White/32.8 ft(+$675)
    Medium/Black/32.8 ft(+$741)
    Large/White/13.1 ft(+$1628)
    Large/Black/13.1 ft(+$1924)
    Large/White/32.8 ft(+$1660)
    Large/Black/32.8 ft(+$2009)
    Finish:Fibreglass Soaked in Epoxy Resin and Steel Canopy
    Bulb:Incandescent: (1)60 Watts Max E26 Type G
    Wattage:(1)100 Watts
    Voltage:120 Volts
    Made In:Netheralands
    Designer:Bertjan Pot, 2001
    Color Options: